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This series of paintings is a visual exploration of the ephemeral beauty of flowers in a context of transition and profound chaos. Each work becomes a capsule that holds the essence of the flower before it withers, reminding us of the fleeting nature of beauty in life. However, what stands out in these compositions is that the loss of beauty gives way to the existence of the seed, which sprouts in future moments and in other plants, giving rise to cycles of life and beauty despite the chaos and destruction. The series is a tribute to resilience and a celebration of understanding life cycles, even those painful and chaotic, which are fundamental for the generation of new potentials. Each painting is a reminder that in the midst of adversity and change, beauty and creativity emerge, defying expectations and conventional narratives. "Rebirth in Chaos" is a series that has taken shape over time, but finds its greatest inspiration in the pandemic reflection period and the personal changes experienced by the artist. Each work is a testimony to the beauty that can arise in the midst of chaos and transformation, a balance between the expected and innovation, tradition and freedom, tranquility and creation. In these paintings, flowers become symbols of hope and rebirth, reminding us that even in the most chaotic and tumultuous moments, beauty continues to bloom and grow.

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n "Vínculos," Tere Casas presents a personal journey of self-reflection and connection with others. Each work bears the traces of encounters, friendships, and the experience of migration as a personal event and a starting point for the meeting of foreign cultures in a country. The visual language used in these paintings resembles a constantly changing mosaic. It plays with the idea of creating walls of participation, security, containment, and collaboration at a specific moment when the emphasis was simply on the possibility that such walls could serve as a deep cultural divide. In these spaces, collage incorporates cut Chinese characters from a newspaper and a palette of vibrant and warm colors. This series also offers an abstract record, moving away from intentional representation, where the catalog of events is different from the reflection in a mirror but remains true to a world of possibilities. Here, painting becomes a place where cultures intertwine, where lives touch, and where the interaction that nourishes art and enriches life is subtly recorded.



This series of abstract paintings explores the power of the letter as a symbol and protagonist in a fascinating artistic journey. Each work delves into the world of typography to create textures, compositions, color palettes, and movements that challenge expectations. Each painting in this series invites the viewer to explore their own creative capacity to construct their inner world. Numerous pieces feature motifs of floral textiles emerging from a typographic framework formed by letters. The integration of such disparate elements as letters and flowers is executed seamlessly, conveying the powerful idea that nature can arise from language. This conception harkens back to the ancient belief of Greek philosophers that what cannot be named does not exist. By naming the natural world, humanity possessed it, grasped it, and comprehended its vastness. The series indirectly echoes the notion of language as origin and destiny, as the alpha and omega of human thought. Each work is a testament to how the interaction between letters and flowers can give rise to a new form of artistic expression, challenging conventions and opening up a world of possibilities.

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Artworks from group and solo shows that no longer belong to a series.

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